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Hello, my name is Sónia and I am an Explorer of Gaia’s Inner Landscapes and the Gaia Consciousness field.

Ever since I can remember I have been driven by a thirst for Transformation, a Transformation that expands my matrix of consciousness and opens doors to the next discovery, to the unknown.

I believe that it is from this place – where each Being expands and transforms – that Evolution is possible and consequently the next step towards building a new Culture is found, one in which we are connected with the 5 bodies, aware of what we feel, using this intelligence to build Adult relationships with the Earth and the Beings that inhabit it.

My purpose is to share my experiential discoveries, putting myself at the service of the sessions I facilitate and the texts I write.

About Spaceholding

Next Transformational Spaces

Get your energy back!

You were talking to someone, you wanted to say something, you didn’t. Something happened, you felt something, you said nothing. How many times did this happened to you? How many times do you play a script in your mind with what you wanted to say? This is called an incomplete emotion. Every incomplete…

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Using Sexual Energy as a Survival Strategy

To survive you had to create a survival strategy, as the name says, it allowed you to survive and be here today, reading these lines. For some of us, sexual energy became one of the main survival strategies, a way to be safe around both men and women. Flirting to not be threatning,…

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A Discovery Journey about Conscious Anger

I was an angry little girl. I remember seeing things I didn’t like or things that were unfair, or people lying and I would just open my mouth and let it all out. I would make myself be heard. Whether it was in school with teachers, with school mates, with my parents, with my brother,…

Transformation in the making

I was born. I went to school. I had friends. A school teacher. Parents and a brother. I even had a dog. Christmas, Easter, summer holidays. And on the inside things were so different from what I experienced on the outside. They just didn’t fit. They didn’t make any sense. When I was about 8,…

Being Possibility

Who am I beyond the layers that have added themselves? I remember the time when everything was possible, I lived inside a bubble called Possibility. Inside that bubble everything was possible. The bubble was bigger than anything I had ever seen or known. Bigger than the world itself. What is the world? Inside me and…

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